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Types Of Insulin Pen

insulin pen

Insulin pens are a convenient, portable way to manage your diabetes and keep blood sugar levels under control. They are small enough to fit in your pocket and give you a quick dose of insulin with just the push of a button.

Insulin pens are an extremely simple way to inject insulin. They are often smaller and more discreet than using a syringe and vial and offer more flexibility regarding where and when you can inject.


Types of Insulin Pen

One of the most important considerations when choosing an insulin pen is matching insulin type to pen type. If you use the wrong insulin in a pen, the insulin may not be delivered appropriately.

There are four main types of insulin pens available:


Standard insulin pen

Standard insulin pens are designed to be used with any insulin, so they can be an excellent choice for people who often change insulin types.


Detachable insulin pen

Detachable insulin pens allow you to switch out the cartridge to use different types of insulin in the same pen. They can be a good option if you regularly switch between types of insulin.


Push-pull insulin pen

Push-pull insulin pens have a retractable needle, and you can use different types of insulin in the same pen. They’re more suited to people who take insulin regularly.


Disposable insulin pen

Disposable insulin pens are great for people who take less than three injections weekly. They’re cheaper and more convenient than reusable pens because you can throw them away at the end of each use.


How To Use Insulin Pens

Step 1: Start by choosing the correct cartridge (also called a reservoir), filling it with your preferred insulin dose, and inserting it into the pen.

Step 2: You should prime the pen by pressing down on the plunger until you see a few insulin drops. This is important because it ensures you get the right amount of insulin, which helps to prevent waste and improve accuracy.

Step 3: Choose the dose setting. Some insulin pens have preset doses, while others have a dial that you can adjust. The recommended dose for each injection will be printed on the side of the pen.

Step 4: Select the injection site, insert the needle and press the button to administer insulin.

Step 5: Remove the needle and place the used pen in a medical waste container.


Insulin Pen Brands

There are several different brands of insulin pens available, including:


Insulin Pen Needles Sizes

It’s essential to use the correct size needle when transferring insulin into the pen and to select the right dose setting.

You don’t want to use a needle that is too large, as this could prevent the correct amount of insulin from being delivered. Likewise, using the appropriate needle will make you less likely to experience insulin injection pain.

There are three insulin needle sizes that are commonly used with insulin pens:

  • 22-Gauge

A 22-gauge needle is a standard needle size used in insulin pens. It’s best for people who take regular insulin or long-acting insulin.

  • 31-Gauge

A 31-gauge needles are for people who take rapid-acting insulin, such as Humalog or Novolog.

  • 33-Gauge

A 33-gauge needle is for people who take long-acting insulin.

Insulin Pens for Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin pens can be a great option for people who take insulin injections. The push-pull insulin pen is a perfect choice as you can easily change the cartridge to switch between different types of insulin.

Always discuss the best insulin injection method with your doctor when you start taking insulin.


Insulin pens are a convenient, portable way to manage your diabetes and keep blood sugar levels under control. They’re small enough to fit in your pocket and give you accurate insulin doses with just one simple push. They come in several different types to serve specific requirements. They’re a great option to simplify diabetes management.

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