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Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking can be challenging and that is where smoking cessation medications come to rescue. These medicines help you jumpstart a new nicotine-free life.

Why quit smoking?

Quitting smoking lessens the chances of cancer and other chronic and critical health problems. This generally improves a person’s life and swings them away from developing cardiovascular complications, cancer, pulmonary diseases, and other smoke-related illnesses.

Quit-smoking medicines are often used only for the first few days after quitting. Quit-smoking medication can greatly increase the rate of success in your “quit-smoking” journey. They help the body adjust to the sudden change from regular substance intake, specifically nicotine. Its also make quitting less painful for most individuals, and help them overcome signs of withdrawal.

They come in two categories: nicotine replacement products and prescription drugs.  Nicotine replacement products include nicotine patch, gum, lozenge, inhaler, and nasal spray. Meanwhile, some smoking cessation prescription drugs include bupropion varenicline. 

A combination of good medications and counselling from a qualified and reliable expert can treat cigarette dependency effectively. Take assistance from smoking cessation experts or enroll in a smoking cessation program to quit smoking for good.



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