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Insulin Humalog Kwikpen 200U/ml 3ml

Insulin Humalog Kwikpen 200U/ml 3ml


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Uses of Insulin Humalog Kwikpen 200U/ml 3ml

Insulin Humalog Kwikpen 200U/ml 3ml is a pre-filled pen containing Humalog insulin lispro. It is a type of rapid-acting human insulin analog that helps stabilize blood sugar levels in children and adults with diabetes mellitus.

Insulin Humalog KwikPen package comes with 5 disposable insulin pens. Each pen contains 3 mL of insulin lispro. Administer Insulin Humalog KwikPen subcutaneously under the skin without the use of a needle or syringes. This medication takes effect 15 minutes after application.

Insulin Humalog KwikPen Precautions and Warnings

Avoid using Insulin Humalog KwikPen if you are allergic to it, especially with insulin lispro. If you notice that the solution inside the pen is cloudy, do not administer it. To ensure this pre-filled pen is safe to use, tell your healthcare professional if you have a history of kidney problems, liver disease, and heart problems.

Insulin Humalog Kwikpen 200U/ml 3ml Dosage

Follow the prescribed dosage to ensure efficient treatment. Before using Insulin Humalog KwikPen, learn the steps on how to administer it. These are as follows:

  • Clean the top of the KwikPen with an alcohol swab.
  • Attach the needle on top.
  • Select the required dosage.
  • Clean the bodily site where you will inject the pen.
  • Pinch your skin and administer the pen subcutaneously.
  • Store the pen properly.

Insulin Humalog KwikPen Side Effects

Common side effects:

  • Headache
  • Hunger
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Skin rashes
  • Shakiness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Swollen hands and feet
  • Drowsiness


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