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Shipping Policy

Our Shipping Policy

How much does shipping cost?

We charge a flat $15 shipping fee on orders valued under $500. We offer free shipping on all orders over $500.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide, except to:
• Canada
• Ecuador
• Kuwait
• Iran
• Iraq
• Mexico

When will my order arrive?

We will strive to get your order in your hands within 28 days. Sometimes delays can be caused by:

  1. Your order forms are incomplete, or you have not sent in your release form and prescription.
  2. Your order forms are illegible.
  3. Your prescription is not signed.
  4. Your prescription is missing, or your release forms are not signed.
  5. Your credit card information is inaccurate or incomplete. When filling out forms, complete each field in the online order form. Be sure to enter your credit card number, and, expiration date.
  6. If you are sending your forms by mail, please ensure that you have signed the forms.
  7. Credit card companies will sometimes deny the purchase, because it is from a foreign company. Sometimes as a security measure, card companies will deny purchases made in a foreign country if you haven’t traveled there recently.
  8. Contact your credit card company prior to ordering and have them remove all international blocks on the account.
  9. Your credit card is declined for insufficient funds. Be sure that you have sufficient funds to pay for your entire order to be processed.
  10. If you choose to pay by certified check, or US money order, it will take longer to process. These forms of payment will require several more days to clear our financial system.
  11. There are sometimes unforeseen delays when it comes to shipping internationally. Peak periods at holiday time, and the effects of extreme weather can all have an impact on shipping times. Please order early enough to ensure that you always have a supply on hand.
  12. U.S. Customs and the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) can choose to examine and detain your shipment. We occasionally see blitzes by these groups in an attempt to discourage Americans from ordering medications from overseas. You should be aware that these actions are at the discretion of the Customs and FDA Officers, and that they can hold shipments for up to 30 days. We will do whatever we can to assist you should this happen, but cannot be held responsible for any such uncontrolled delays.

Tracking Your Order

When you place an order for medications through us, we will provide you with a tracking number and the website which you can track your order through. This way there is never any doubts about the status of your order.

There are certain countries where tracking is not available through the local postal service. We will inform you if the service is not available when we confirm shipment of your order.

Please note that we do not ship to Canada.

Click on the links below to track your order:

INDIA – India Post Tracking

AUSTRALIA – Australia Post Tracking

UNITED STATES – United States Tracking

GERMANY – Deutsche Post Tracking

CHINA / TAIWAN – Hong Kong Tracking – Chunghwa Post Tracking

SINGAPORE – Singpost Tracking

Once the order arrives in your country, you can use your tracking number to trace it on your country’s postal service website. You do not require another tracking number. Please simply use the same tracking number you were originally issued.

What happens if something goes wrong with my order?

In the event that your order does not arrive within 28 days of receiving a tracking number from us, we will re-ship the order at our expense. In the event that both orders arrive consider it our gift to you.

* Order placed and paid for.
* Tracking number is issued 6 business days later.
* 28 business days after the tracking number is issued and the order has not been delivered we will re-ship at our expense.

There are however some exceptions:

* At the time the order was placed, incorrect shipping information was provided.
* We cannot offer this policy in countries where track/trace is not available.
* Delivery was refused.
* Package was returned to postal outlet for pickup.

*Due to variable supply, our service/delivery guarantee does not qualify for situations where medications are temporarily out of stock. As such, we strongly recommend that you order a 90 day supply at a time.

What if I need to cancel an order?

If you need to cancel an order, you can do so without charges or penalties up until 11:59 CST. If you cannot advise us before that time, $15 will be withheld as an administrative fee. You cannot cancel an order or request a refund once the order has shipped.


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