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Know More About Finacea

Uses of Finacea 

Also known by its generic name Azelaic Acid Topical, Finacea treats rosacea and acne. This medicine provides relief and treatment to saggy and acne-induced skin. Aside from this function, it helps the skin to regrow and reestablish its lost moisture. It prevents blackheads and pimples to form and keeps skin better looking. Furthermore, Finacea is good in reducing the series of inflammation triggered by rosacea. 

Finacea Precautions and Warnings 

Avoid Finacea consumption if you are allergic to it, most especially to azelaic acid is its main component. Also, ensure that you do not get it near your eyes, nose, and mouth as it can defect and cause inflammation to these parts. Always ensure that you use this product based on what your doctor has told you. If your symptoms do not improve, you will be prescribed another form of medicine. Note that excessive usage can trigger other skin conditions. 

Finacea Dosage 

In most cases, Finacea is applied twice only. The gel can be harmful if only applied properly. Always follow the recommendation in using this medicine as it can trigger severe medical conditions, especially affecting the dermis. Make sure that your hands are also clean before using them to prevent infections. 

Finacea Side Effects 

The side effects of Finacea are categorized based on their intensity and severity. These effects are the following: 

Common Side Effects of Finacea

  • Mild skin irritation
  • Itchy sensation
  • Scaly skin

Severe Side Effects of Finacea 

  • Severe burning of the skin
  • Severe itching or tingling on the applied area
  • Severe redness and dryness of the skin
  • Changes in skin color


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