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Know More About Cimetidine

Cimetidine is a medicine that prevents stomach ulcers and treats GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is sold under the brand names Tagamet HB and Tagamet. 

Uses of Cimetidine 

Cimetidine reduces stomach acid, which can be very annoying and painful to patients and individuals alike. This is an over-the-counter medicine and can be used whenever the acidity of the stomach backs up. Use this medicine when the aforementioned conditions are triggered by either beverages or different types of foods. 

Cimetidine Precautions and Warnings 

Before receiving your dosage for this medicine, make sure that you tell your medical provider of your other health concerns, hypersensitivity or allergies, and even different forms of drugs you are currently taking. For pregnant women, further check-ups might be needed to ensure that your infant won’t get affected by its side effects. Furthermore, if you are breastfeeding, stop consuming Cimetidine. 

Cimetidine Dosage 

The required dosage for this medicine starts from 200 mg to 800 mg of Cimetidine to be consumed once a day. If it is used in other health conditions, an individual will be taking this medicine at least 4 times a day, with a therapy duration of 4 to 12 weeks. Moreover, since you will be likely checked first by your medical provider, only consume what is prescribed to you. 

Cimetidine Side Effects 

Aside from its effective properties, there are still side effects after Cimetidine consumption. These include: 

Common Side Effects of Cimetidine

  • Headache
  • Diarrhea

Severe Side Effects of Cimetidine 

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Bloody or tarry stools
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Confusion
  • Hallucination
  • Swelling of the breast


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