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Is Popcorn Good for Diabetics?

is popcorn good for diabetics

Is popcorn good for diabetics? As a diabetic, identifying a healthy snack can be a challenge. Considering the fact that most popular snacks such as confectionaries, fries are high on sugar and carb and low on nutrient. Luckily, there is a snack that you can safely fall back on – whenever you feel like binge eating. And that snack is our all-time-favorite, Popcorn. By the way, did you know, popcorn is the oldest snack on earth dating back to some of the most ancient civilizations?

Here’s everything you need to know about popcorn–your next go-to snack as a diabetic person.


What is Popcorn?

Popcorns are  popped whole kernel, oil/butter and salt. These types of popcorn are known as “unflavored” Popcorn. They are quite basic and the oldest form of snacks. This popcorn can be easily prepared at home and in the most natural/non-commercial form. However, there are also many different types of popcorn with added flavors such as  caramel, cheese, bacon, and even fruit flavors. The blend of flavors can give the popcorn different tastes, but like all other synthetic products, they deplete the “safety factor” of popcorn.


Is Popcorn Good for Diabetics?

The simple answer is, homemade popcorn with controlled amount of oil and natural kernel seeds is good for diabetes. The GI index of popcorn is 55, which is also considered safe. However, artificial and commercial popcorns contain added sugar and artificial flavoring which is not favorable for diabetes.

One of the best things about homemade popcorn is that it is a low-fat, low-carbohydrate snack. Low-carb foods are great for people with diabetes because they cause slower insulin release in the body and stabilizes the blood glucose level.

Additionally, there are no processed ingredients in homemade popcorn, making popcorn an excellent choice for people with diabetes.

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