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Foot Care

An average human takes about 5,000 steps a day. As the workhorses of the body, our feet deserve proper care, like any organs and muscles. With our feet being crammed into shoes daily, bearing most of our weight, and standing on them all day, they also need tender loving care. Sored and achy feet can take us nowhere, literally!

Based on a survey conducted in 2014, 8 out of 10 Americans have experienced a problem in their feet, from an ingrown in their toenail to chronic foot aches. These foot problems can impact our overall health. For example, you will most likely reduce exercise with painful feet

Proper foot care should be on everyone’s regimen to avoid these consequences. But, what do you need to remember in taking care of your feet? We have listed the dos and don’ts of proper foot care.


  1. Wash your feet regularly with non-irritating soap
  2. Give your feet a massage.
  3. Apply a moisturizing cream.
  4. Cut toenails straight across, being careful not to nip the skin.
  5. Wear warm woolen socks if your feet are cold.
  6. Walk slowly.


  1. Don’t wear tight shoes.
  2. Don’t share shoes as it can spoil its shape.
  3. Don’t perform “DIY surgery” to remove ingrown nails.
  4. Don’t expose your feet to cold weather.
  5. Don’t let your feet get cuts, lesions, or scratches.
  6. Don’t use chemical compounds for corns or calluses.

Without good foot care practices, one can develop several foot conditions, such as warts, foot odor, sweaty feet, foot infection, and athlete’s feet. To avoid all these, you can plan effective hygiene to maintain your feet clean and healthy.



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