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Family Planning

Family planning means using safe and effective methods to have the desired number of children and having them at the right time. It is the ability of individuals to determine the size of their family, the timing and intervals of bearing a child. Sound family planning improves a family’s overall health, social, and economic well-being. The importance of planning has an effect on all individuals, families, communities, and societies.
More specifically, family planning has three critical goal, which are to help couple unintended pregnancies reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), address the problems of STDs and decrease the rate infertility.
Good planning relies mostly on the use of contraceptives, that are readily available over the counter.

Factors that impact family planning
These factors include a couple’s health, frequency of sexual intercourse, and preference for having or not having children. The use of contraception reduces pregnancy-related health problems for females and lessens the infant mortality rate to 45%.
There are different types of birth control options for family planning. Some of these are barrier methods, short-acting and long-acting hormonal methods, sterilization, spermicide or vaginal gel and fertility awareness methods. They may be in the form of oral drugs, condoms, implants, injections, or surgical means.
If still unsure about what method to take, consulting a health professional will help you with additional guidance and awareness on alternative options



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