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Effects of Using Ozempic Off Label for Weight Loss

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The last few months have witnessed an enormous increase in the popularity of Ozempic, but not as an anti-type 2 diabetes medication, instead as an off-label weight loss medication. Ozempic was an averagely-sold type 2 diabetes treatment holding a moderate 129th rank in the list of most prescribed medications until a few months back. However, the last few months witnessed an unprecedented surge of almost 111% in its sales figures worldwide. What triggered this buzz? And how is it affecting the Ozempic users? Let’s find out.

Research in 2022, on a group of obese adolescents, showed that weekly use of 2.4mg Ozempic can drastically reduce weight as well as the body mass index of the users. This research changed the game for this brand. However, it is essential to highlight that neither the manufacturer (Novo Nordisk) nor FDI advocates the safety of Ozempic as an off-label solution for weight loss.
Several reports about four major side effects have surfaced in the media. Let us throw more light on them.

  1. There have been some instances of patients reporting a deterioration in their mental health, mostly as depression and anxiety. This is because the dominant component of Ozempic GLP-1 works differently on a non-diabetic person and may interact with the brain or the central nervous system.
  2. The recently coined term “Ozempic face” came into existence after a few youngsters ended up with a “gaunt, deflated, and saggy face” because of using Ozempic. Excessive loss of fat from the body and face can make you look sickly, and that’s not safe.
  3. The rebound effect. This is probably the most concerning part. Reports suggest that discontinuing Ozempic can cause rebound effects and end up gaining the weight back in just a few days. Novo Nordisk, in an interview, has openly stated that they did not conduct any test on Ozempic’s rebound effect.
  4. Patients with compromised kidneys, gallbladder, and eyesight have reported a further deterioration in the way they function.

Most old-school doctors still believe in the merits of a good diet and regular exercise for safe weight loss. Similarly, some doctors who have prescribed Ozempic for weight loss have identified the need to refer their patients to a psychiatrist and a dietician to ensure 100% safety from unwanted side effects.
With that, we will leave you with food for thought! Would you lose weight at the cost of your mental health and so many side effects? Or simply go with the sweet simple idea of eating healthy and working out more?

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