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Can You Get HIV From Oral Sex?

Can You Get HIV From Oral Sex?

If you are sexually active with an HIV- positive partner, you may wonder if it is safe. While there are some risks involved, if proper precautions are taken, there is extremely little chance of you getting HIV through oral sex.

Compared to unprotected vaginal or anal sex, the likelihood of contracting HIV during oral sex is extremely low. However, determining the actual risk is not simple. Because in reality, most people who engage in oral sex also choose vaginal or anal sex, which makes it more difficult to determine the risks involved.

Can You Get HIV From Oral Sex?

Though the risks are slim, there is still a possibility of contracting HIV through oral sex, just like with other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Based on, oral sex has a minimal risk of transmitting HIV. It means that the possibility does not equate to zero percent.

Here are three scenarios evaluated in brief:

Giving oral sex is thought to be riskier than receiving it. It is due to the possibility that you may have little cuts or sores in your mouth, which can be an entry point for the virus to your body. Your partner’s bodily fluids, which could come in contact with your mouth and throat, can also be a treat.

Mouth-to-penis sex is riskier than mouth-to-vagina sex.

The likelihood of contracting HIV through anilingus or oral-anal intercourse is similarly lower.

How do you become HIV-infected?

Body fluids, including vaginal secretions and semen, may contain HIV. If your partner is infected, their bodily fluids may enter yours through a mouth sore or genital ulcer into your bloodstream.

Additionally, your chances of getting HIV are higher if you have bleeding gums, or have another sexually transmitted disease. With all these, it is necessary to protect yourself.

What are the solutions?

  1. Do not let your partner ejaculate inside your mouth
  2. Use protections such as a condom or a dental dam.

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