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Brilinta and Caffeine. Can you take Brilinta with coffee?

brilinta and caffeine

If you have experienced a heart attack, acute coronary syndrome, or other cardiovascular disorders, you may benefit from taking the prescription drug Brilinta to reduce your risk of another heart attack and stroke.

However, can you consume coffee or other caffeinated beverages while on Brilinta? The good news is yes. Coffee or caffeinated beverages have no effect on this medication. Nevertheless, there are a few things that you must be mindful of.


What is Brilinta?

Brilinta, a blood thinner that:

  1. prevents blood clot that cause cardiovascular problems like a heart attack or stroke.
  2. lowers your risk of experiencing them again.
  3. lessens your risk of dying from a severe cardiovascular episode.
  4. The anticoagulant qualities of Brilinta can also help people with vascular stents.

Depending on your medical history, there are two doses of Brilinta: 60 mg and 90 mg. Meanwhile, aspirin is frequently used with Brilinta to boost its cardiovascular effects. However, you shouldn’t take more than 100 mg of aspirin in a day as it can decrease Brilinta’s effectiveness.

Is it safe to consume caffeine while taking Brilinta?

Since coffee is a popular source of caffeine, it’s crucial to know whether it interacts with Brilinta or other drugs.

Currently, there is no  evidence that establishes any adverse interaction between caffeine and Brilinta.

According to Ani Rostomyan, Pharm.D., BCPS, APH, a pharmacogenomics pharmacist, caffeine and Brilinta are metabolized in the liver with different metabolic enzymes. As a result, they don’t naturally interact, providing no evidence t of interaction.

Brilinta side effects

Brilinta comes with a few risks and adverse effects. The biggest issue with Brilinta is an increased risk of bleeding because it stops your blood from clotting. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following:.

  • urine that is pink, crimson, or brown.
  • a wound or scrape that is bleeding continuously.
  • vomit that is red or has a coffee-ground appearance.
  • blood clots or blood that is coughed up and ejected.
  • stools that are sticky and either crimson or black.

Brilinta users may also experience bruising and nosebleeds more frequently. Respiration difficulties and breathing changes are also are less common side effects. Seek immediate medical help if you experience these side effects.

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