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About us

About Border Free Supply

Who We Are

Did you know, according to a poll by KFF Health, 1 out of every 4 Americans finds it difficult to afford their prescriptions? The study also showed that 29% of Americans are not able to buy the recommended prescription because of the cost. That is why Border Free Supply is committed to ensuring that no American is deprived of their medication because of the cost. 

We are an online medication store where you get your prescriptions at very comfortable prices, while choosing from leading brands and their more affordable generic alternatives. Our fulfillment centers in Canada, India and Turkey have a rich repository of a variety of prescription and OTC drugs that are beyond the financial capacity of someone without a medical coverage. 

Besides balancing the prices, we strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by listening to their needs and taking meaningful actions to raise our service standards. Three things that are important to us:

  1. Delivering your medication on time
  2. Making customer service experience easy and quick
  3. Simplifying your shopping experience 
  4. Listening to your needs 
  5. Making a lasting relationship with you

Each of you is important to us, and improving your experience is the fundamental thought behind every action we take.

Why Order from Us?

About the Company

We make sure that all prescriptions are verified and authentic: Our customer care team verifies every prescription with your healthcare provider personally before processing an order.

Safety and security: Your information is safe with us. We do not share your personal information with any third party. Additionally, not only do we maintain our rigorous security standards, but also offer enhanced security to protect your information as technology evolves.

Dedicated account managers: We assign a dedicated account manager for every customer. Our managers are responsible for addressing and resolving all your prescription needs and build a strong foundation of trust.

The flexibility of ordering: There are four ways you can order from us. Once you register with us with a valid/ verified prescription and shipping details, we save your information on file. This saves your time during refill.

You can:

  1. Order by phone: Call 1-855-629-2036 to speak with our customer care and place an order.
  2. Order by fax: You can fax your prescriptions and other details to 1-855-729-1973 to place an order.
  3. Order online: The easiest way to order, our website offers a range of affordable options from different countries. Browse your prescriptions from the search tool, add to cart and purchase.
  4. Order by email: Directly email us at with your details and a copy of your original prescription to place an order.

A range of choices from different countries and price range: We have branded medications and their generic alternatives from Canada, Turkey and India to suit every budget.

We deliver to your doorsteps: We deliver every prescription to your door within 15 working days.

Prescription refill and reminders: We know you have a busy schedule and that is why your account manager schedules your prescription refill reminders, so you never run out of your medications.

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